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While being the basic door used in every building and on every room, swing doors for pedestrian access and egress come in a range of technological constructions suitable for a vast range of applications.

Shelta Access Systems have a selection of industrial swing doors which are used widely in industries where the requirement is for more than just a swing door.


All Shelta’s industrial swing doors have one thing in common, quality. No matter what your specific need is, Shelta Access has a quality swing door solution that is simple and durable while meeting your budget.


Whatever your requirements, Shelta has an industrial swing door that is suitable. Be it high use, heavy duty, hygienic, temperature control etc., there is a flexible, metal clad, fibreglass or insulated swing door available.


Industrial swing doors from Shelta Access Systems are not used in residential houses or office buildings, they are custom made for and used in every industry where quality, strength, and reliability really matters

Popular Industry Uses

  • Metal clad swing doors for pharmaceutical companies
  • Fibreglass swing doors for hospitals
  • Flexible PVC swing doors for food companies
  • Insulated swing doors for manufacturing companies
  • Plastic swing doors for clean rooms
  • Flexible PVC swing doors for beverage companies
  • Plastic swing doors for distribution centres

Shelta Access Systems have industrial swing doors installed at Redcliffe, Nambour, Brisbane, Kunda Park and Noosa.

Industrial Swing Doors

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