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Shelta provides many benefits with industrial wall and room construction which will easily pay the initial outlay.

Where your minor renovation or alteration project involves removing existing walls and rooms or installing new walls and rooms, Shelta Access Systems are licensed and experienced to provide a solution to your problem.


Shelta analyses your existing structure, helps you identify the problems you are experiencing, and designs an economical and effective solution which will meet your requirements.


Industrial walls and rooms can be constructed from insulated cold room panel, plasterboard, metal sheeting, or any cladding you require.


Increase productivity by making your existing factory layout more effective, eliminate lack of stock problems by enlarging your storage areas, meet hygiene standards by building clean rooms, save power cost by cladding your building with insulated panel; whatever your problem Shelta has an answer.

Popular Industry Uses

  • Insulated panel cladding for clean rooms
  • Air-conditioned rooms for food companies
  • Flexible PVC dividers for beverage companies
  • Insulated rooms for laboratories
  • Divider walls for processing companies
  • Metal clad walls for manufacturing companies
  • Dividing walls for pharmaceutical companies

Shelta Access Systems have constructed industrial walls and rooms at Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

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