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Built for demanding environments, Shelta’s insulated sectional doors offer strength, quality and reliability for optimum performance every day.

Insulated sectional doors are the answers to your temperature control issues, and are ideally suited to situations where high speed rapid doors aren’t required or where security is a necessity.


Shelta Access Systems’ insulated sectional doors are extra strong hard working doors that provide ongoing cost saving benefits over conventional insulated panel doors.


Insulated sectional doors have extremely flexible installation systems which makes them suitable for just about any opening on a cold room, freezer, chiller, air-conditioned room, etc. The close fitting design makes sectional doors more hygienic than roller doors or shutters.


Although the name insulated sectional doors suggests they are only for use in cold areas, this is not the case. The heavy duty construction of these doors gives excellent security and the insulation properties means they can be used in hot areas, for noise control, etc.

Popular Industry Uses

  • Insulated sectional doors for cold storage facilities
  • Auto insulated sectional doors for distribution centres
  • Motorised insulated sectional doors for food companies
  • Insulated sectional doors for meat processing companies

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