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Enhance your loading dock system by preventing air loss, creating a healthier environment and allowing safe, easy access to vehicles with Shelta’s loading dock seals.

Loading dock seals are available as a standard or custom solution to your dock issues. Shelta Access Systems will ensure you have the right system for your application, providing ongoing savings in power use and making your facility more efficient.


Shelta provides loading dock seals to help you control temperature loss and make your dock area hygienic. Dock seals help you meet food safety standards and achieve compliance.


Loading dock seals are available in three main designs – inflatable dock seals, foam dock seals, flexible PVC dock seals – which provide a solution for every loading dock. Rubber seal stops can be used in conjunction with all three designs.


Loading dock seals are used on loading docks where temperature, hygiene or foreign objects and particles need to be controlled. While inflatable dock seals are only available in a certain size, foam seals, rubber seal stops and flexible PVC seals can be made to whatever your opening size is.

Popular Industry Uses

  • Inflatable dock seals for meat processing companies
  • Foam dock seals for beverage companies
  • Rubber seal stops for cold storage facilities
  • Flexible PVC dock seals for food companies
  • Inflatable loading dock seals for distribution centres

Shelta Access Systems have loading dock seals installed at Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

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