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Shelta Access Systems' premix concrete plant doors have been developed specifically for the harsh and demanding environment of a drive through concrete batching plant.

Premix concrete plant doors from Shelta Access Systems are designed to do hundreds of cycles a day with minimal or no downtime from incidents where trucks hit the door.

If your premix concrete plant is drive through, Shelta's premix concrete plant door is the only answer.


Shelta's premix concrete plant doors come standard to suit premix concrete plants' special operation needs with provision for direct control room contact, truck incident knockout and relocation, alternate dust proof safety mounting, and 'crash' style, high wear, visionless curtain.


Premix concrete plant doors from Shelta are available in different colours, with a variety of safety options, and can be retrofitted to any existing drive through concrete batching plant.


Shelta Access Systems premix concrete plant door is designed specifically for concrete batching plants but can be used in similar applications such as grain hopper loading areas and flour hopper loading bays.

Popular Industry Uses

  • High speed doors for concrete batching plants
  • Rapid doors for concrete plants

Shelta Access Systems have premix concrete plant doors installed at Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

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