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Your property is a very valuable asset which you may not have properly protected. Shelta Access Systems provide industrial gates for your specific security requirements.

Automatic industrial security gates are an invaluable investment which give you peace of mind and pay back handsomely by deterring or preventing wilful destruction and theft.


Shelta's automatic industrial security gates give exactly what you would expect, security. The design is customised to the exact level of security you require to provide the control needed.


Intercom systems, induction loop detection, radio remotes, swipe card systems, flashing lights, alarms, push buttons, key switches, safety light curtains, dialup intercoms, safety beams, and more.


Automatic industrial security gates are suitable for many applications. Whatever your requirements may be, (open in the morning and close at night, close after every vehicle, high speed open, etc.,) Shelta has the solution.

Popular Industry Uses

  • Cantilever gates for water treatment plants
  • Hot dipped galvanised gates for sewage treatment plants
  • Aluminium gates for food companies
  • Swing gates for processing companies
  • Heavy duty steel gates for airports
  • Security gates for food companies
  • Auto steel gates for beverage companies
  • Motorised sliding gates for manufacturing companies

Shelta Access Systems have industrial security gates installed at Gympie, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Casino.

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