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We offer a variety of different styles of rugged, low-maintenance exterior and interior insulated doors. From tough, heavy-duty sectional doors to durable insulated high speed doors, there is a Shelta insulated door to suit virtually every need.


Shelta’s insulated high speed door has a unique folding operation which prevents ice build-up on the curtain and has knockout provision whereby if it is hit and knocked out of the guides it will continue to operate.


From motors for sliding cool room panel doors through to the premium radar activation for high traffic areas, Shelta Access caters for specific insulated door requirements with an extensive range of options available.


Insulated roller shutters, insulated panel lift sectional doors, insulated swinging traffic doors, insulated high speed doors; Shelta has an insulated door solution for your temperature and noise control problem.

Popular Industry Uses

  • High speed insulated spiral doors for airports
  • Insulated swing doors for hospitals
  • High speed insulated roller shutters for distribution centres
  • Insulated sectional doors for cold storage companies
  • Auto insulated sliding doors for pharmaceutical companies
  • High speed insulated folding doors for food companies

Shelta Access Systems have insulated doors installed at Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Redcliffe and Junee.

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