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Designed for area’s where pedestrian and forklift control is required, Shelta Access Systems’ industrial sliding doors are a simple, effective and clean solution.

Industrial sliding doors are an extremely economical investment providing durable and reliable operation, low repair costs and virtually no maintenance.


Very flexible design, construction and installation make industrial sliding doors from Shelta Access Systems the ideal door where you need a solution that meets all your requirements, whether they be visual, speed, hygiene, etc.


Whether you only need a manual sliding door for occasional use by pedestrians, or if you require a high use automatic sliding door with sensor activation for forklifts, Shelta has an industrial sliding door system specific to your requirements.


You may have a small opening that is used several times a day, or it could be a large opening used over a thousand times each day! Whatever it is, Shelta Access Systems supply and install industrial sliding doors suitable to your needs.

Popular Industry Uses

  • Industrial sliding doors for pharmaceutical companies
  • Automatic  sliding doors for distribution centres
  • Insulated sliding doors for cold storage facilities
  • Flexible PVC sliding doors for food companies
  • Sliding doors for clean rooms
  • Aluminium sliding doors for hospitals
  • Insulated sliding doors for nut processors

Shelta Access Systems have industrial sliding doors installed at Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

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